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Quality Organic Produce

We specialise in the produce of local organic food. And we eliminate food waste and over-packaging at every turn, and we price our fresh and loose organic produce sensibly to offer our customers an affordable long term alternative to shopping for organic food in supermarkets.


At Christy Dave Farms Limited our vegetables are grown and produced with care, and to the highest environmental standards. This promises less use of pesticides and fossil fuels, no artificial additives or preservatives and absolutely, no GMO (genetically modified).

Organic Oil Palm Produce

our organic oil Palm are grown and produced with care, and to the highest environmental standards.Oil palm has many positive attributes. It is the most efficient vegetable oil crop in terms of land use. It has the highest yield compared to other oil crops per hectare of land, meaning less land is required to achieve a similar yield as other alternatives. Palm oil production also requires less fertilizer, fewer pesticides, and stores more carbon than other oil crops.

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Christy Dave Farms Limited

Christy Dave Farms Limited is a registered company under the Corporate Affairs Commission with Registration number RC: 2010246. We at Christy Dave Farms Limited ensure what we produce is done to the highest of standards. We strive to tread on the land as lightly as possible. 

Ensuring what we produce is organic, with no artificial nasties. We have invested in vast arable land for different Agricultural produce like Oil Palm, Plantain, Vegetables and many more. Our mission is to impact the lives of the general public by providing fresh organic produce for their consumption without any form artificial additives.


The farm is positioned to create employment through crop production value chain.

Our Commitment

Nurturing crop is our commitment. This doesn’t just apply to food production; it also applies to the projects, initiatives, and causes we support. We rely on a staff that is committed to continuous improvement to offer high-quality products. A large group with a global vision and a focus on local needs.

Quality Produce

We concentrate on producing high-quality organic crops that start with our produceand end up on our customers’ tables.

Mission Statement

To be in the forefront in producing healthy organic produce for consumers

Our Team

Each member of our team plays a vital role in making Christy Dave Farm one of the world’s largest farms. Our work is guided by values that act as a compass. For us

Vision Statement

To Strategically position our Farm as the first option globally when it comes to quality Farm Produce

Christy Dave Farms Limited

Always deliver more than expected.


Plantain Plantation
Palm Fruit Produce
Maize Produce
Pepper Produce
Cassava Produce
Melon Produce


+1 (516) 830-8096
+234 (803) 697-3415


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Kilometers 6, Urehue community after Ugo ne-yokorhonmwon, Orhiomwon local government, Edo State, Nigeria

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